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Our Advisory Process

Our Process is a Client Centered approach with regular accountability. We take advantage of the many years of experience our firm has to develop efficient, disciplined, and results oriented strategies that are intended to give our clients confidence.

First, we sit down with you to discuss your goals, concerns, and objectives. Once we are retained we will establish and define the client-advisor relationship which could be comprehensive, or a more narrow assignment (i.e. Investment management only). We will continue to gather quantitative data in the areas that we are going to give advice on to analyze and evaluating our client's current financial status. We feel it is very important to listen carefully to your concerns and have a firm understanding of where you are, and what you would like to accomplish.

Second, based on our analysis we will determine if there are any shortfalls in your current planning, including poorly or undefined strategies, uncompensated risk or overly concentrated investment portfolios, out of date legal documents, or other items that may be unnecessary or obsolete. We will construct a clearly defined plan in each of the planning areas to help you achieve your objectives. Once we have agreed on the elements of the plan we will begin the implementation process which is where actual changes are made on your behalf. Examples of those changes might include re-allocating various investment portfolios, arranging for updated legal documents, introducing new employee benefit plans, and other similar items.

Third, once we have completed the implementation process we will agree to a periodic review plan which will include meetings face to face, and periodic reports. This periodic review plan is for us to report to you, additionally your plan is monitored regularly by our firm internally to make sure we are following the defined strategies and adapting as the environment changes.

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