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Income Tax Planning

Tax laws change frequently. As laws change and as your financial circumstance evolve from year to year, so should your Tax Planning. 

One important tax strategy is managing taxable investment accounts based on after-tax return rather than gross return. A small incremental improvement by properly allocating income from various sources, to choosing certain investment strategies, to selecting a retirement plan and disbursement strategy customized to your situation, proper Tax Planning is an essential and complex wealth management component.

We will work with your CPA/Tax Professional to coordinate:

  • Bracket management strategies
  • Assessing how, where, and when to best defer taxes
  • Optimizing tax-efficient distributions
  • Tax-aware asset allocations and strategies
  • Annual tax-loss harvesting
  • Managing tax liability – instead of letting your tax liability manage you
  • Selecting Tax entity (S-corp, LLC)

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