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Family Records Organizer

The Branson, Fowlkes & Company “Family Records Organizer” is intended to be a companion document to your Last Will & Testament or Living Trust. It is basically a guide to your Executor or Successor Trustee to provide them with important information they will have to find on their own if not provided to them. The more organized you are now, the easier it makes life for your family later.   

The Family Records Organizer is a 41-page editable .pdf document that can be completed on the computer and then saved and/or printed. You can go back later as you gather more information, or circumstances change, to add or change information without having to re-enter all the information. Some clients have preferred to manually add the information to a hard copy and that is fine. Once requested we will send both a hard copy the editable .pdf. Also, it is important to note that this is not a document your return to Branson, Fowlkes & Company. This is meant to be kept with your Will and Trust documents. 

Once you have read through the organizer, you will have a better understanding of what information should be recorded including help with:

  • Family Data 
  • Final Arrangements 
  • Safe Deposit Box Inventory 
  • Contacts 
  • Budgeting

It records the most essential information your family would need at the time of your death or disability. Keep the forms up to date. Make a date with yourself and your family to review them at the same time every year. (e.g. when you file your taxes). If you store information on a computer, note the computer location, file location, type of software used and name of the file. Make sure to keep a back-up copy in a safe place. Photocopy any of the forms for additional family information. Keep this information in a safe and easily accessible location. Make your family aware of that location. Give at least one copy of the initial completed worksheet and any major revisions as you make them to your executor.

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